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Who We Are

We are an International Community

Our platform can be divided into two divisions:  The first is to assist the public in getting the help and knowledge needed as they journey through fertility and surrogacy. Our second, is to offer expert led classrooms and webinars that will allow professionals around the globe to share new and evolving developments, knowledge and practices with patients in their own countries. This is especially important as more and more countries are now becoming more accepting of infertility options within their borders for the first time.

We Provide Easy Access to Relevant Knowledge

The internet offers a plethora of information at our fingertips. However, the issue most of us have is finding the right information on our desired topic amongst the hundreds of pages offered.  No more! We’ve done the hard work for you!  This website is effectively your one-stop source to gather everything you need to know about fertility and surrogacy. There are articles and videos on every subject, along with webinars and lectures – all at your fingertips. These will increase exponentially as we continue to grow, allowing us to become the most comprehensive library in the world. You can even contact an Expert in your desired field by simply clicking a button, and, at a fraction of the price of going direct.  You can even select an Expert who speaks your chosen language!  


We Are also A Pioneering, Modern, Fast-growing EDUCATIONAL WEBSITE

For the first time, this is a place where Professionals can come together and exchange ideas, cases and ask questions.  Experts in the field will host Classrooms which could consist of one lecture or a series of lectures on a specific subject.  The idea is to assist professionals across the globe in gaining the training needed to practice quality Third Party Reproduction ethically, safely and at all times being respectful of the rights of all participants. Previously access to these services and information was only available to the select few, not any more. We plan on making this as ubiquitous and accessible as possible ensuring equal access regardless of location or circumstance.

About us

Whether you are looking for a mental heath professional for your surrogacy journey, or just want advice on how to tell your child about their unique beginnings, the range of resources we can offer is extensive. We are here to help you find the answers, and even on the rare occasion that we perhaps don’t know, then we have an unrivalled access to those who will!

Videos and Webinars