Our platform has two divisions – one aims to assist individuals going through infertility and/or third-party reproduction services, and the other is to provide expert-led education for professionals worldwide.

Our first division focuses on providing the public with the help and knowledge they need to navigate infertility and surrogacy. Finding relevant information online can be overwhelming, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Our platform is a one-stop source for articles, videos, webinars, and lectures on various fertility and surrogacy topics. As we continue to grow, our library of resources will increase exponentially, making us the world’s most comprehensive fertility and surrogacy library. We even offer the option to contact an Expert in your desired field with just a click of a button, and our unique set-up allows you to obtain expert advice at a fraction of the price of going direct. You can even choose an Expert who speaks your preferred language, ensuring accessibility for all.

Our second division focuses on being a pioneering and aspirational professional education website. We believe in creating a space where professionals can come together, exchange ideas, innovations, and cases, and ask questions, which would normally be limited to annual conferences and other exclusive events. Our Experts host classrooms consisting of lectures on specific subjects, aiming to provide fellow professionals across the globe with the training and knowledge needed to practice quality third-party reproduction ethically, safely, and with respect for the rights of all participants.

We aim to make these resources ubiquitous and accessible to all, regardless of location or circumstance, with a particular focus on developing markets.

One key aspect of our platform is that all our Experts are pre-vetted in advance to ensure the highest quality and calibre of professionals are available to our users. Many of our Experts are considered leaders and pioneers in their fields, and their participation on our site is continuously monitored. We also encourage perpetual peer and client reviews to ensure ongoing quality and relevance, allowing us to evolve our listings to reflect the world’s best minds and current expertise.

Thank you for being a part of our International Community, where we strive to provide easy access to relevant knowledge and foster education and collaboration among professionals in fertility and third-party reproduction.

About us

Whether you are looking for a mental heath professional for your surrogacy journey, or just want advice on how to tell your child about their unique beginnings, the range of resources we can offer is extensive. We are here to help you find the answers, and even on the rare occasion that we perhaps don’t know, then we have an unrivalled access to those who will!