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Having gathered experts from all around the world on one unique platform, for the first time – knowledge can be shared and objectively reviewed by industry peers. The same experts have created an extensive library of videos, articles, webinars, and lectures for both professionals and intended parents alike. Our innovative “Classroom” sessions will also enable Experts from around the world to increase and share their knowledge via this worthwhile medium. Unlike other websites, we don’t promote any one business, professional, service, or even opinion. We simply act as an independent and objective platform to teach, advise and provide the knowledge and means to help you decide for yourself!


Every Expert on this site has been fully vetted in advance and certified as being a leader in their field. We strive to ensure the highest caliber of participants and constantly keep our policies under review.


Getting an objective and independent review or second opinion couldn’t be easier – or more cost-effective! Our pioneering membership plans can include free or discounted consultations to help review your medical records.


Surrogacy is the process where a woman voluntarily agrees to carry a child for another person, who will subsequently become the child’s parent. This can either be done using the surrogate mother’s eggs or, via the implantation of the intended parent’s eggs.


The process where a woman donates some of her eggs so that another person can become a parent via an IVF procedure. The eggs can either be implanted into a ‘surrogate’ or, into a medically capable Intended Parent.

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Although the internet offers a plethora of information, finding out what you really need while also trying to identify the right professional can be overwhelming. With Infertility Portal we have curated everything you need into one place so you can objectively learn and select what and whom you need to achieve your goal. Unlike existing agencies or providers, we strive to act as your impartial facilitators – it’s you who makes the ultimate choice, not us. By simply providing and coordinating all  information, you can safely access all of the introductions you need to help with your journey. With our free and discounted consultation options, you can even enquire and then choose another if you prefer. You determine the pace, budget and objective. The whole process couldn’t be easier. There’s no hard sell, no bias, just peer reviewed Professionals and Experts to help you navigate your way.

If you are just beginning your journey, we encourage you to start by reviewing some of our Articles & Videos. Once you are familiar with the terminology and the options available, we encourage you to join one of our Webinars. This will undoubtedly help you better understand this field along with the myriad of options available to you. Then you can simply book time to consult with our Professionals. (Free or discounted with our membership plans). A one-on-one session with a specialist can be extremely rewarding and help clarify which journey is best for you as you prepare for parenting.

If you are fortunate enough to already have a friend, colleague or family member willing to help you on your journey towards parenting, Infertility Portal has the resources you will need to safely and ethically complete that journey. Need your surrogate/egg donor or sperm donor to be psychologically screened? Just search for a mental health professional. Looking for a second opinion on medical records? Not a problem, with Infertility Portal  can securely upload your files and request a second opinion.

We’ve got you covered. InfertilityPortal.com is exactly like nothing else!

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