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Our Mission

To empower surrogacy and egg donor agencies by providing customizable CRM software to:

  • streamlining operations and automating the repetitive administrative task
  • empower staff to concentrate on their relationships with clients
  • avoid errors and miscommunications
  • helping the agency to grow to its full potential. 
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Our real-life evidence has shown that you get significantly more work done by automating repetitive tasks. 

Update the Status of a case

When a GC stage is updated to “Approved”, automatically send an email requesting her driver’s license, insurance card and lost wages.

Automatic Reminders

When a pregnancy enters the 2nd trimester, an auto alert reminds staff to evaluate Escrow

We Keep It Simple

When a surrogate or intended parent submits a form, their record is automatically updated.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

At Infertility Portal, our team, including Bill (40 years of experience), Karen (30 years of experience), and Jo (18 years of experience), is committed to sharing our extensive knowledge in this field. 

Our goal is to provide valuable suggestions, email templates, documents, and workflows to support our clients in enhancing their surrogate process or egg donor process thereby fostering agency growth.

Meet our Founders

Karen Synesiou photo

Karen Synesiou

As the owner and manager of a renowned surrogacy and egg donor agency for over 30 years, Karen set the industry standard, serving as the blueprint for subsequent agencies.  From the beginning, Karen prioritized the child’s right to know their genetic origins and encouraged contact between the intended parents and their egg donor.   Notably, her agency facilitated the birth of the world’s oldest child, born through surrogacy, to a gay couple.  Karen sold her egg donor agency in 2004 and her surrogacy agency in 2019. Her commitment to the field continues, and she now consults and assists growing agencies in improving their processes and efficiency, as well as speaking at various national and international conferences.

Jo Duffy picture

Jo Duffy

Jo Duffy and his husband are the fathers of two sons born through surrogacy. It was through this extended journey that they met with Karen, became good friends and now Business Partners. Jo was a successful entrepreneur in his native Scotland, earning him a Young Businessman of The Year award in the 80s, and owned an award-winning innovative hotel which he sold in 2002.  He became one of the youngest ever Directors of the world-renowned Royal charity – The Princes’ Trust.  Jo brings a unique set of management, marketing, PR, and customer service skills as well as having created his own family via surrogacy

Bill Handel picture

Bill Handel

Over 40 years ago, Bill founded the world’s oldest and foremost surrogacy agency. His pioneering legal counsel paved the way for some of the groundbreaking cases in surrogacy. His legal contract helped create many of the legal precedents and templates in the field of Third-Party Reproduction is currently in use today.  Bill also has a syndicated radio show that is distributed to over 150 radio stations throughout the USA. Amongst his notable awards and honors is the Major Market Personality of the Year in the NAB Marconi Radio Awards in 2005, Humanitarian of the Year Award 2009. 

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Expanding on our dedication to enhancing efficiency and communication within surrogacy and egg donor agencies through our customizable CRM software, we’re excited to introduce a curated selection of insightful articles by the experienced team at Infertility Portal.  With over 40 years of committed involvement in the field, we draw upon our extensive expertise to provide valuable resources.  Our articles cover a diverse range of topics, including:

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