“ONGOING” Counseling OR “AS NEEDED” Counseling

There are essentially two types of counseling available on a surrogacy journey.  One is ongoing counseling and the other is ‘As Needed’ Counseling.  Both have been used for thousands of surrogacy pregnancies in many different countries including, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.  This Article will look at both types of counseling.

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Journey Counseling 

 Ongoing or journey counseling is the situation where a counselor starts from day 1, i.e. from before a pregnancy occurs, throughout the entire pregnancy and for a period after the pregnancy.  The counselor frequently offers services to the intended parents and the surrogate.  Essentially her job is to support all parties via counseling in order to keep the case on track. By predicting potential conflicts and offering pro-active solutions, options can be discussed before the situation turns into an actual conflict or situation.  The counselor’s role is to ensure that all parties see the services offered as a collaboration between everyone.  The role of the counselor is to guide, encourage, educate, teach good communication, provide resources, put in safeguards, manage expectations and in essence act more like a journey coach. 

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