What if we told you that we could significantly reduce your business running costs, improve your professional image and achieve excellent client satisfaction. Sound too good to be true? Think again!

At Infertility Portal we have used 40+ years of experience to create a unique range of products that we expect will revolutionize the field of 3rd Party Reproduction.

For the uninitiated, a ‘CRM’ is a Customer Relationship Management system, which is designed to streamline and automate time consuming and complex processes. It can also massively improve customer perception and satisfaction by ensuring your business is run efficiently and responsively. All of those currently time consuming process of managing your surrogates, patients, Intended Parents, Insurance, Finances, Marketing and just about everything else that is involved in the process of having a child are handled and managed via an intuitive system. With only a few hours of training you will wonder how you ever managed before!

For the first time, we have created a custom designed system that is tailored to your specific needs and can save you tens of thousands of dollars in efficiencies in the process.

Sample of Surrogate Module:

Whether you realize it or not, most big corporations and businesses already use CRMs to manage your data. Ever wondered how customer services know who you are just from your phone number and can impressively quote your history on the spot? That’s a CRM. Typically, these systems can prove extremely costly, but you can now have one of your own for a reasonable monthly fee!

We have launched two new CRM products aimed specifically for the Surrogacy market – the first is ‘Surrogacy Plus, a comprehensive CRM package for agencies and clinics, and ‘MHP Advantage’ for the Mental Health Professional. Both are the result of years of research and peer review – to ensure they cater for your every need.


Sample of Intended Parent Module:


Benefits to having a CRM:

  • HIPAA and GDPR compliant

  • Streamline the company’s various processes and increase efficiency

  • Stores information on customers enabling improved support for those customers

  • Maps your customer/client/patient journey

  • Software that helps professionals to manage, track, and organize their relationship with customers.

  • Can set up automatic reminders to reach out to customers

  • Profile picture lets you see the person behind each client call.

  • Automatically logs all emails conversations.

  • Eliminates repetitive tasks by automating processes such as:

    • Sending session/consultation reminders

    • Scheduling appointments

    • Re-engage no shows.

  • Streamline communications with reminders and notifications such as updating therapist on birthdays or key events where a card or note might go a long way.

  • Therapist intake forms can be made available online and these forms will automatically be added to the CRM when submitted.

  • User roles and permission settings can help protect patient privacy by excluding those without access permission.

  • Editable email templates and mail merge documents.

  • Mass emails can be scheduled for specific dates and times.

  • Timeline function automatically tracks who has accessed each record, what records were deleted and by whom, and records any changes or updates made to any record.

  • Reduces the amount of time you need to spend on administrative work.



    MHPAdvantage CRM offers a thoughtful and well-designed interface for mental health professionals in the field of 3rd Party Reproduction. 

    SurrogacyPlus CRM offers a Ready-Set-Go interface for surrogacy agencies and includes 80+ predesigned forms and 30+ templates. 


    With one or two clicks of your mouse you can send out requests for information or a questionnaire and the returned information will automatically appear in the clients record in the CRM.  There is no need to search for documents sent to you for a client, with a click of a button you can see all documents received by you that are associated with that record.

    Sample of Surrogate Insurance Module:

    All notes can be added to the CRM directly.  The CRM is where you list everything about your customers, and it will quickly become a core part of your company’s operations.

    As one of our leading agency clients stated:

    ‘…it has grown our business faster than we could ever have imagined

    and has paid for itself many times over already’