How to Compare agencies – Part 4

Part 4 – Selecting an Agency

Deciding between agencies is a complicated process, because in many cases you are not always comparing similar services.  Some may not offer everything you need under one roof, e.g., some may not have in-house legal, egg donation or IVF services etc., so you will need to choose which package of services are important to you and whether you are happy to retain a variety of independent providers.  Each agency typically offers their own package of services and no two agencies are identical.  It is this reality that makes selecting an agency difficult.  An agency operating in Russia will offer different services from one in Canada which in turn is different from services offered in America.  This article presents a series of questions you can ask of an agency to determine which services are of importance to you.  Hopefully, this will help you find the right agency for your particular needs.

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Ask for a staff list and review the staff list carefully and don’t be scared to ask the agency to explain the list to you.  You are looking for these facts:

    • Are the staff salaried?
    • What percentage of staff are part-time, and which are full-time?
    • How long have they been employed and what experience do they have?