How to Compare Agencies – PART 2

Part 2 – When the Match Falls Apart

Continuing our multi-part series on ‘How to Compare Agencies’, we now turn our attention to one of the more difficult aspects of the process that needs to be considered.

As previously mentioned, a surrogate undergoes extensive screening before she can undergo an embryo transfer.  Most agencies report that they must screen at least 20 applicants before they find that one gem who will make it to a pregnancy. In addition, these 20 applicants are actually those who have survived and passed the rigorous application review session!  Such surrogates are usually in high demand and there are simply not enough of these amazing women to go around.  This inevitably means that there will be a waiting period to be matched with a surrogate.  So, you can imagine the heartache and delay if something happens which means the whole process must be restarted (or ‘re-matched’). So, it pays to be aware of the reasons why this can happen in advance.

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Things to Consider 


    • Each agency will have their own solution as to what to charge for a rematch.  An agency puts considerable time and money into screening surrogates, and it is only fair that they are reimbursed for these expenditures.   
    • An agency earns its full agency fee when it matches a surrogate with a newly retained intended parent.  Therefore, money is lost by the agency when they take an available surrogate and have to offer a second match for an intended parent. 
    • If an intended parent requests a different surrogate, (without their being any medical justification), and the surrogate was willing to continue working with them, then there is a strong argument that the agency is entitled to an additional payment.