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Expert Witness

An expert witness is a person with special knowledge or proficiency in a particular field and whose opinion may help a jury make sense of the factual evidence of a case.  An expert witness must have knowledge, skill, experience, training and often education which will help the jurors or judge to understand the evidence or to understand a fact of the case.

Each country that permits the testimony of expert witnesses, will have their own regulations as to the qualifications a person must demonstrate to be declared an expert in a particular field.  Usually this includes:

  1. Must practice in a profession relevant to the issues of the case.
  2. Be able to demonstrate that she/he has specialized knowledge through training, education, certification, skills, or practical experience in that profession.

An expert must be able to add value to the case in that their knowledge, training, education and/or practical experience will assist the jury in better understanding the evidence.  Of course, the expert’s knowledge must be above and beyond the knowledge of the jury or lay person.  An expert’s testimony is not valuable if she/he adds nothing new and the information offered is obvious to the jury. The expert witness must be able to provide an opinion that will help the jury reach a conclusion or decision.

A key tactic is for the opposition to discredit the expert witness by attacking their qualification, criminal history, and/or reputation in the field.  If an expert has exaggerated their qualifications, upon cross-examination they may lose credibility with the jurors.  The expert witness will benefit from being confident, professional, an articulate speaker and be insensitive to criticism and insults.

Any Professionals who are recognized on as being Experts, are invited to submit their resume for consideration. Once verified, their details will be made available to those seeking the services of an expert witness in the field of Third-Party Reproduction.


If you are an attorney seeking the assistance of an Expert Witness, we invite you to view our list of experts.   If you:

  • need an expert opinion on a medical file or treatment plan, or
  • need to know if the psychological screening of a surrogate or donor met the established industry standards, or
  • need to know the estimated costs involved in pursuing a family via third-party reproduction when you client was harmed and that harm means that surrogacy and/or donation is only way s/he can have children, or
  • your client has a dispute with their agency, and you need to determine if the agency met with industry standards in handling this case, or
  • a legal dispute between the parties arises and you need expert opinion in the field of third-party reproduction, etc.

For these situations or anytime you need the assistance of an Expert Witness in this field, we invite you to review the profiles and resume of our experts to find the help you need to bring a successful resolution to your case.