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Surrogacy Insights


Niguragua has no laws prohibiting surrogacy and no laws that permit the practice of surrogacy.  The absence of specific surrogacy laws poses considerable challenges for prospective individuals or couples.  As societal views and legal frameworks evolve, there’s a pressing need for comprehensive legislation that balances the rights of all parties involved while respecting the country’s cultural and legal norms.  Until such laws are established, those contemplating surrogacy in Nicaragua should exercise caution and seek legal counsel.


A notice from the Canadian Consulate in Managua, Nicaragua, warns that the Nicaraguan government does not acknowledge surrogacy as a legitimate process, potentially subjecting individuals involved to prosecution and detention.  It advises consulting with a Nicaraguan lawyer before pursuing such options.


The surrogacy sector in Nicaragua is modest yet showing steady growth.


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Future Legal Developments


  • At present, there is no available information regarding any forthcoming legislation.