What if I my article will be longer than the 2,000 words or 3 pages?

As a guide, most people prefer to read an article that is less than 3 pages in length (2000 words).  Try to edit your article to keep within this range.  However, if your topic cannot be contained to these parameters, you could consider the option of dividing your article into a series. As an example: you could have a 3-part series on ‘How to Survive a Surrogacy Journey’, with Part 1 being from the intended parent’s perspective.  Part 2 could be from the surrogate’s perspective and Part 3 could be preparing for birth and beyond.  By dividing your article into 3 parts, the public are not overwhelmed by a 9-page article but still receive the benefit of your expertise on the subject. Obviously if the article does not lend itself to being split up, we do of course have the discretion to vary the length of a submission.