Please explain to me how the public Membership package ‘Discount Coupons’ work?

To attract the public to our site and by default, allow them to retain the services of our professionals, each of the General Public Membership packages come loaded with incentivized discount coupons.  As an example: the 1-Year Prepaid Membership Package costs $299 but is loaded with up to $3,800 in discount coupons.  Our marketing strategy is to offer these coupons in the hope that the intended parents will commission your services. This 1-Year Membership package includes 4 x 5% discount coupons (up to $300 value each) and 2 x 10% discount coupons (up to a $800 value each).  As an example: Mary Smith has the 1-Year Membership package.  She buys an IVF cycle from Dr. James for $5,000:

    • Mary can use one of her 5% discount coupons ($5,000 x 5% = $250) and save $250.
    • Mary can use one of her 10% discount coupon ($5,000 x 10% = $500) and save $500.

To protect Professionals from overburdensome discounts, we have added upper limits to the discounts:  $300 is the maximum discount per 5% discount coupons and $800 is the maximum discount per 10% discount coupon.  In all scenarios, your potential discount is limited to one coupon per product/service, and even then, an intended parent may elect not to use their voucher on your service. So statistically, you will be unlikely to have every member using their voucher with you, (although if they did your sales would be through the roof for a nominal 10% rebate!)

The terms of the discount coupons are:

    • Coupons cannot be combined.
    • Coupons are single use only.
    • Coupons cannot be combined with any other offers.
    • There is no residual value to any coupon used.
    • No professional is obliged to accept any discount coupons, but this may cause the intended parent to take their business elsewhere.