Complete application

It is understandable that if the donor is a family member or close friend that all parties will agree to forgo the answering of a lengthy questionnaire.  This may be the right choice for a donor who is a blood relative.  However, in completing an application, the donor shows commitment to the process and gives her time to carefully examine her agreement to donate.  In addition, reading the family genetic report and medical report may remind everyone of the increased risk of inheriting a medical problem. If nothing else, the application will contribute towards everyone carefully considering if this donor – lovely as she is – is the right donor to work with.  If the donor is not a blood relative, it is highly recommended that the donor completes a questionnaire as in the future this medical information may become valuable to the parents or the child.  Lives move on and close acquaintances sometimes become distant, but fond memories.  There appears to be many advantages to having the medical information in a safe location and no recognizable downside.