Can I upload 12 articles and 12 videos and then get a free membership for a year?

Absolutely!  You can upload up to 12 articles and 12 videos all at once and instruct us to allocate these against your future monthly membership fees.  However, bear in mind that this means that the public will not be able to view these articles and videos until their allocated release date.  Although our aim is to educate as wide an audience as possible, it is also important that the public can recognize and learn from your experience via your submission of articles and videos so they can retain your services.  In the 12 article/video scenario above, an alternative is that you can choose how many articles (or videos) you want released each month.  As an example:  you could allocate 4 videos and 4 articles for release for the first 3 months.  That gives you a 3-month buffer before you will need to supply additional articles or videos, but the benefit is that the public gets to read 3 new articles and see 3 new videos from you each month!