As a Professional trying to grow my practice I am being asked to pay a monthly membership fee as well as accept discount coupons and then give you a percentage of the business generated. What’s my motivation to join?

Lots of reasons! Apart from helping us raise the standard of services in the field of Third-Party Reproduction and make it truly accessible to a new and expanding worldwide audience, it need not cost you a cent! Your monthly membership fee can be FREE when you upload one article and video per month with our Priority Partner Membership, which helps us exponentially create an unparalleled resource of information and data for the public and Professionals alike. So, participation on the site can cost you absolutely nothing.  In return you can gain invaluable worldwide exposure with the potential to attract previously unreachable clients from the comfort of their home locations. No other platform will offer this service. With all our membership packages you can earn up to $200 credit towards your fees.  Each intended parent also has a finite number of discount coupons which are all single use and have a maximum discount amount associated to them.  We anticipate that the discount coupons will not prove burdensome to our professionals, but in fact may prove to be an effective model in this new market. We will of course be monitoring this, so if it transpires that you feel a particular structure is not suiting your individual needs then please call us and we will do our absolute best to find a solution to your personal situation.

Also remember that the reasonable percentage we charge is only on business we generate for you.  As an example, if an intended parents finds you via our website and buys $100 of services from you then you will not only gain a new referral but earn $90 in the process. The whole cost of that introduction earns us $10 towards running the site. We genuinely believe that our referrals will cost you a fraction of what you spend with online marketing. We have worked hard and invested much time and resources to automate as much of our internal workflow processes as possible to keep our costs to a minimum. This enables us to pass on these savings to you by offering low or free membership rates and low percentages on the sales we generate for you.