Please explain to me how the Discount Coupons work?

Discount coupons can be used or allocated against any single transaction on your account. As an example, Mary Smith has the 1-Year Membership package.  She buys an IVF cycle from Dr. James for $5,000:

    • Mary can use one of her 5% discount coupons ($5,000 x 5% = $250) and immediately save $250, or
    • Mary can use one of her 10% discount coupon ($5,000 x 10% = $500) and immediately save $500.

However, as you can see, it is important that you carefully plan when to use your discount coupons in order to maximize your savings.  While you can clearly use a 5% discount coupon towards the purchase of a $5 article, (and the system will allow you to use it), that may not be the wisest use of this coupon!

It is also important to remember there are some limitations to the discount coupons:

    • Coupons cannot be combined.
    • Coupons are single use only.
    • Coupons cannot be combined with any other offers.
    • There is no residual value to any coupon used.
    • As the discount coupons are effectively a negotiated concession provided by our Professionals, they are under NO obligation to accept them. However, as this facility is a current condition in the participation on our site, we anticipate that most professionals will accept these coupons.