How to Compare Agencies – PART 3

Part 3 – Analyzing the costs (USA Agencies)

In the third part of our series, we now cover the important topic of how much will surrogacy cost?  Due to the plethora of information, the focus of this article will be limited to surrogacy agencies in the USA.

Understandably, this is the number one question for most intended parents.  Surrogacy is an expensive process, mainly due to the number of professionals involved, the high risk if something were to go wrong, the high tech medical processes and the large number of people it takes to complete your journey.  The overall cost can obviously be dependent upon which country you elect to do your surrogacy in, the expense and quality of which will vary.  The USA appears to have the highest costs whereas developing countries, such as Kenya, will have the lowest.  It is therefore important to look at all your options but to balance the cost of surrogacy against the risks associated with each country. 

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When you retain a surrogacy agency in the USA there are typically several components that you need to consider: 

    • Agency Fees 
    • Surrogate Compensation  
    • Lost Wages  
    • Travel  
    • Screening Costs  
    • Psychological Services  
    • Insurance 
    • Legal Fees  
    • Medical Costs  
    • Other Considerations & Costs