How to Compare Agencies – PART 1


If you’ve now decided to work with an agency to achieve your family, the next big question is which one do I pick! It is an important decision, as you could be working intimately with that Company (and its staff) for a significant, and intense, period of time. Among other key decisions they will subsequently make on your behalf, you will likely be tied to their exclusive ability to create a pool of available surrogates. Their decision making about your case will predetermine your ultimate pathway to parenthood and commit you to spending specific amounts of money. Their mistakes or oversight will most likely become your burden and cost. The health and wellbeing of your child may very well be dependent on how thoroughly they screen your surrogate. This one decision will change your life forever.

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Steps to Comparing Agencies 


Step 1:  Choose the country.   

Please refer to our Article entitled: Which is the Best Country for Surrogacy

Step 2: Review the website of each agency.   

Step 3: Call each agency and book a time to have a more in-depth conversation with a staff member.  Surrogacy agencies equally represent intended parents and surrogates. They need both intended parents and surrogates to be able to operate.  Therefore, the level of professionalism offered to you by the agency will likely be the same level of professionalism they offer potential surrogates.  So, go ahead and judge the agency from your very first interaction onwards.   

Step 4: Look at the costs. 

Step 5: Request to speak with at least one intended parent who has completed their journey with the agency.