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Dr. Brown is widely considered a leading national and international expert on psychosocial aspects of infertility; the use of donor ovum and sperm as well as gestational surrogates; and ethical issues in fertility treatment. She has assisted in establishing the guidelines for screening for and treating psychosocial aspects of infertility; developed programs based on fundamental clinical health psychology research to enhance decision making and psychosocial outcomes among women and couples facing fertility challenges; and serves as a strong voice for the complex ethical issues associated both infertility treatment and parenting options.

Dr. Brown’s Professional Hourly Rate is $125 per hour


Dr. Brown’s distinguished contributions extend far beyond the patient office.  Dr. Brown is a past recipient of the 2011 Family Building Award;  the 2020 Ian Johnston Memorial Award from the Fertility Society of Austria; the 2008 STELLAR Award from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.