Our Mission

InfertilityPortal.com has been created to simplify the search for information on infertility and surrogacy. There’s an immense amount of information available on the internet via search engines, but we’ve all seen that sifting through hundreds if not thousands of search results, (many of which are irrelevant), can be soul destroying. Yes, there are some wonderful surrogacy, sperm donation and egg donation websites that are overflowing with valuable information, but frequently this information is presented as a simple overview – not an in-depth dive into the subject matter. At Infertility Portal we aim to uniquely address that issue in a ‘one-stop’ oracle of the best minds and information anywhere on the planet.

Let’s do a quick search online for: “How to Screen a Surrogate”. My search resulted in 27,900,000 results. Wow! Now what?

…or let’s do a search like this:

“How to get a second opinion on my fertility options”. This gave me a search result of 57,600,000 different sites.

Given the above, you can see why we saw the need to create this unique and invaluable website.

By searching for any related subject in one specialist location you can now avoid the stress of trawling through common search engines and find exactly what you are looking for and need. You can view peer and client reviewed Expert profiles in one place, and if you like what you read, you can simply book a consultation with that professional – at a fraction of the costs of going direct. Alternatively, you can do your own research by searching through our extensive library of Articles & Videos – all on one platform.

For the first time there is also an entire section dedicated to sharing the wealth of information our Experts have with other Professionals in their field. Countries such as the USA, Canada, England, Australia, Ukraine (and there are several more of course) have all been legally participating in third party reproduction for years. Their professionals are “experts” in their field because they have practiced in this particular area for years and helped hundreds if not thousands of clients/patients achieve the goal of creating a child. But similarly, there are other countries who are not currently so fortunate. Getting accurate or objective information in their native tongue or country can be almost non-existent, let alone the fact that very little surrogacy or egg donation occurs because it is either prohibited by law or the regulations are extremely restrictive. Having the knowledge and ability to create a family should be everyone’s right, which is why Infertility Portal aims to ‘globalize’ that knowledge and provide unfettered access to the world’s leading experts and articles. 30+ years of experience has taught us that no matter how educated a professional may be, it’s the hands-on experience that’s critical to reach the title of “expert”. We know, because we have a team who were instrumental in founding and creating the current framework (and laws) surrounding Third Party Reproduction

Infertility Portal is Dedicated to Sharing Knowledge

As a result, InfertilityPortal is dedicated to the task of helping professionals around the world gain the expertise they need to practice in their own country. Whether you are a newcomer, recent graduate to this field, or have been assisting infertile parents for years, our Experts are ready to share their knowledge with you. These Experts will host Classrooms, lectures and webinars. The Classroom sessions in particular could consist of a one-off lecture on a particular subject, or may consist of a series of lectures. At the completion of each course and final evaluation, our aim is to provide each participant with a peer and industry recognized Certificate for that course.

From a Professional perspective, trying to grow your practice or establish yourself in a new field (perhaps as a second career) can be difficult without a significant personal investment. Website creation, management, maintenance and online marketing – to name but a few, costs precious time and money, which in turn needs to be passed on to clients. Our aim is to do all of this for you at a fraction of the cost, meaning we can fulfill our objective of increasing awareness in markets that were previously difficult or impractical to access. With our business model, professionals should be able to gain the economy of scale which in turn is hoped to help lower hourly rates and provide less expensive service bundles – facilitating greater access, so everyone wins.

As increased visitors transition to InfertilityPortal.com for services, the professionals on our site can also benefit from the opportunity to obtain lower fees. Our simple model offers a range of small monthly membership options to suit an individual or Professionals’ situation. Our industry beating and transparent commission rate of less than 11- 15% of the gross sales of each professional helps the public curtail the heavy costs of infertility and surrogacy treatments.


After 40 years of direct and indirect experience in the field of Third Party Reproduction, we have learned that there is no compromise when it comes to Ethics. We all know what “Ethics” means, but let us explain what it means to us. Ethics is a system of moral principles. It’s a set of beliefs that concentrates on what is good for the individual, the team and for society. Our approach is three -fold:

(1) systematizing, (2) defending and (3) articulating the good behavior we should follow or acquire as well as the consequences of wrong behavior.


1) The right to consult with a mental health professional
2) The right to consult with a legal professional
3) The right of a woman to know the biological makeup of any embryo transferred into her.


1) Removal of any individual or organization that does not comply with our code of ethics.
2) Remove or sanction any individual or organization who fails to respect our principle policy where discrimination or bias in any form will not be tolerated.
3) Defending the right of anyone, regardless of location, to have access to, knowledge of, and advice on, their chosen subject to help enable them to fulfill their desire to create a family.


1) We invite professionals to share their knowledge by publishing articles that can be read by other professionals in the field as well as by intended parents.
2) We can highlight ethical practices and promote ethical practices during our webinars.
3) We can encourage open forum discussions on poor/bad practices or behaviors.
4) By sharing ethical professional practices and standards we aim to help intended parents create a family of choice that reduces the inherent risks that exist in the field of 3rd Party Reproduction.