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Infertility Portal is proud to offer free membership to everyone. Our goal is to provide access and knowledge in the field of Third-Party Reproduction to a worldwide audience, which in turn will enable and facilitate an increase in the numbers of people who can fulfill their dream of starting a family. If you prefer not to enroll, that is fine too! You are more than welcome to simply navigate our website, view our complimentary selection of Articles, Videos, and webinars. There is no hard sell. As you will discover, we aim to educate as well as facilitate. Individuals and Professionals use this site equally to further advance the science, best practices, and their knowledge, much of which is not readily available elsewhere.

As our Founders have been through the very journey that many of you are about to embark upon, we realize how lucky we are to have achieved our families – much of which was against a backdrop of various difficulties. As a result, we are driven to help others achieve the same. However, like any enterprise, altruism can only go so far, as we cannot achieve our ultimate objective of providing universal access to all who desire a family in the absence of funding. Infertility Portal can only continue to host this unique website, and offer its large number of free services, with the support of its participants and paid members. We therefore encourage individuals and Professionals alike to subscribe to our low-cost membership packages. Any membership can also be cancelled by giving Infertility Portal one month’s notice. We currently have 3 different memberships for your consideration. In return for your membership and loyalty, Infertility Portal can offer previously chargeable services for free, valuable Professional fee discounts, free consultations, priority attendance at Webinars and – at the highest membership level, we offer complete unlimited access to all our Articles & Videos.

Kindly review the membership packages by clicking here, or scroll down for a “step-by-step” infographic on how to apply our discount coupons and gift cards and an explanation about what is included in each of our membership packages.

Professional Membership

Infertility Portal is the exact opposite of the many marketing platforms you may have seen or utilized in the past. Whereas traditional marketing works on the principle that you spend money ‘up front’ in the hope that your marketing strategy eventually pays off, we see things differently. Infertility Portal is invested in YOUR success because by creating a unique and unparalleled resource platform, it is OUR marketing that brings in the very clients that your business needs, and in turn intended parents gain access to knowledge from professionals around the world.

In addition, Infertility Portal Professional Memberships offer you a variety of valuable options to help ensure you cost-effectively reach your key demographic at the lowest possible cost. Founder members also benefit from exclusive introductory rates and benefits.

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