Financial Coordinator Services

Money can be a sensitive topic regardless of the circumstances, but especially so in the world of infertility. The task of a Financial Coordinator is to take care of the many intricate financial details of a surrogacy, egg, and sperm donation journey. They can also be invaluable in explaining and verifying the rather complicated world surrounding the financial aspects of IVF treatment. Their excellent customer service and interpersonal and communication skills will often reduce the stress caused by misunderstanding this important area.

The Consultant will liaise with the IVF clinic on your behalf to see what package deals are offered and all associated costs. Often, IVF clinics offer financial packages, but determining if this option will benefit you versus an ‘a la carte’ service frequently requires a deeper understanding of all the options.

In addition, the coordinator will monitor all payments made during the surrogacy process to ensure that they are done promptly and accurately. Where applicable, they will also double-check that bills are correctly submitted to the insurance company before a check is sent to cover any medical invoices.

Inviting a Financial Coordinator to your team will almost certainly reduce the stress felt by any intended parent(s) and, by default, the chances of a potential strain on the relationship with their surrogate. Access to a Coordinator also enables the surrogate to feel she has someone she can ask about reimbursements and not tainting her relationship with her couple. In short, a Financial Coordinator can bring their strong work ethic and high personal and professional integrity to your team.

While many factors will ultimately determine the overall costs of a surrogacy or donor journey, the ‘Estimated Surrogacy Cost Sheet’ below is an example of the document you should expect to receive from your Financial Coordinator.