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Like any library, we are starting small but increase every day as new articles are submitted from around the world. By checking back with us regularly you can review our most recent additions. As opposed to many websites, the articles you will find in the library are not about marketing specific services, or a specific law practice, or egg donor agency or the accomplishments of a particular IVF doctor. InfertilityPortal is all about the dissemination of information for you to make your own objective decisions from the comfort of your home. Yes, an author may well display their expertise on a subject during the course of writing an article, but what is important is the focus on sharing knowledge. With that in mind, we have encouraged authors to write about a particular subject matter that enables you, our guests, to see different perspectives of the same subject. In fact, we encourage authors to write their views on already published titles. We believe that this approach provides for a deeper understanding of the issue at hand or the question being answered. We encourage you to browse our library and partake of the knowledge being offered. Third Party Reproduction is a newly evolving field and mistakes will be made, new approaches and theories will be forthcoming but most important of all we continue to move this field forward and ensure that options are available to everyone throughout the world. Male, female, in a relationship, seeking to parent as a single person, gay, undisclosed or in a heterosexual relationship, we all share that deep desire to share our love with a child and to partake in parenting. We welcome you, one and all, to our Library of Articles.


Welcome to our ever growing video library.  Although the variety of topics can be extensive, its the place where you can view things such as a surrogate sharing her reasons for offering to help carry a baby for someone else, or learning what medical screening is involved in getting your egg donor approved to start a cycle for you – to name but a few.

Other useful topics relate to things such as the process involved in bringing your surrogate child back into a country from another, be it France, China, Australia or any other country, or help know how to choose an agency to work with or how to compare agencies. You can also watch an IVF doctor describe how s/he is able to achieve the remarkable pregnancy success rates s/he enjoys or even get the opportunity to watch a pharmacy describe how their medication works differently to other fertility medication.

Do you know what the role of the embryologist really is?  Hear directly from embryologists and learn what skills they have to offer on your journey towards parenting. typically recommends that videos be between 5-15 minutes in duration.  However, we acknowledge that some subjects require more time to be fully explained.  We also list the run times below each video to guide you.

We also record all of our Webinars in case you missed the live event.  You can simply view past Webinar by navigating to the ‘Webinar’ section of this website.

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